Welcome to the home of the 2007 Mt. Denison Expedition. Our story is the product of 2 years of planning, thousands of miles collectively traveled, 7,600 vertical feet climbed, and over 85 years of history between a mountain in Alaska and Denison University in Granville, OH.

The conquest of Mt. Denison is meaningful only in the context of the Denison Community; friends, family, alumni, faculty and staff. It represents a physical link between generations of Denisonians, many of whom will never meet, but nonetheless share a common yearning for discovery, exploration and connection beyond our hill. And as we celebrate the past and present achievements, Mt. Denison is ultimately a living history, each generation contributing a chapter to a magnificent novel yet to be completed.

On behalf of the 2007 Mt. Denison Expedition, we hope you enjoy...

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